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Consciousness – The Big Theory of Everything and its Application

What is life all about? What is our purpose on this world? It is a great question and gets us thinking. Einstein tried to answer this but failed when Light was found to act both as a wave and particle. That became the hard problem of Science and still is to most scientists.

Enter Tom Cambell, A Physicist by background who had the unusual opportunity to go out of body (OBE) and experience the consciousness. Once he got a hang of it, he did it and gathered enough data and evidence to prove an existence of larger consciousness. He went on to explain what Einstein could not and very convincingly. Below is his book, My Big TOE (Theory of Everything) available for free. It is a huge read.
For those who dont have that much time, below is a video series where he talks about the theory of everything and the practical application of the same. This series requires you to invest around 15 hours of your time but surely this should be an eye opener and a life changer.

Being the Best in the World!

Some of us aim to be the best in the world at what we do (while others just hope). Being the best in the world is a great goal to have as it will act as a motivation to get up everyday and do what we do best. However, most often it tend to focus on comparing ourselves to others around us and winning against them and as we get better at it we aim higher. The key measure of this process is winning and that can only be the valid measure which everyone can understand. 


For most of us, being the best in the world is a long way away. The best way to reach there is to learn as much as possible as soon as possible. So clearly, it should only be learning, which one should focus at, at least at the beginning. However from day one, we start focusing on winning and not learning because it is easy for us to assume that we are learning (at our best pace?) as long as we are winning.

Well, irrespective of with whom you are competing, this is a wrong assumption to make. Competition involves two people and your winning on a given day could be due to a number of reason – be it your great show on the day, opponents being weaker or they just have an off day. So in the latter two cases it could be that you win the competition dispite being very average. Also, your chances of playing an average game increases with the focus on winning as you take fewer risks, play safer and also pay a bigger price in the process – learn so much less.

If you agree to the above, then the next natural question is "what do we do"? – Well, Aim to be the best of yourself. How different is it in practice? – Well, this approach can only be explained better with a game as an example, and I have tennis as mine. 

Aiming to be the best of yourself changes the focus back to learning. You explore your strengths and weaknesses and see what needs to be done to maximise your potential. However there is a challenge – How do we do this when competing with others? Well, The key is to focus only on the next moment in the game and completely ignore about winning. To maximise learning, you have to ignore winning the match, ignore winning the set, ignore winning the game. Focus completely on the next serve you are going to do, next shot you are going to hit and more importantly focus on what you learnt from it and build on it for your next shot. 

Keeping your focus just on the next shot has several advantages. One, it makes it simple for the mind and hence maximise learnings from each point. Not focusing on the stage of the game, set or match will help you take the right risk for the point, not less or more. This approach is easier said than done as you might loose more matches, score lines might read more badly than the game and how much you learned in the process cannot be reflected in the score lines. However, if you keep your focus on learning, modify your approach as and when needed, take the right risks, you will learn sooner and you will start winning more consistently and handsomely. With time, you will be the best in the world.

Though it could be that being the best in the world is a long way away, what next after that? Well, being the best in the world is a destination but being the best of yourself is a journey, a journey which might go beyond the destination we all are after.

So stop thinking of winning, focus on learning, Ignore the destination and start your journey now, the right way.

What is your “Regret Cost”?

We all are humans and we make mistakes. Recently I was lazy enough to miss one of my domains renewed on time which had 1000 visitors a month and it was taken by someone else even before I thought of acting. I had not looked at the impact the website was making but as soon as I lost it, i discovered the impact it was making and I started to regret my laziness and not acting fast enough. I did not share this with many but I can guess what will be their response. When we do regret, people in our support stucture comes up with various suggestions, most of which have the same theme – "don't regret". 

BUT then it is humanly impossible* not to regret and it is something we have to deal with. One well known way we all know to deal with a mistake is to focus on learning from the mistake and set in stone such that we don't repeat it (well, at least not in near future). However to put an honest effort to "learning from mistakes" we need to get over regret first.

So given that we have to deal with regret, sooner than later, the key point I want to raise is (well an obvious one) this – longer it takes you to come out of regret more it will cost you – emotionally, financially and physically. Being aware of it helps us act faster and come out of regret sooner.

So next time you regret, ask yourself – what is my regret cost? Or simply put, how much is this regret costing me?

* – If you think it is possible to not to regret good for you. However for most it is not. Here is an expert view (ted video) on the same.

What does Clarity bring to the table?

As I was interacting with my brother who is a full time freelance photographer I read him say 'I am clear on what I need to do'. While I only see confusion all around me, this is a refreshing thought. I always regarded the power of clarity very highly but I did further contemplation on it. I concluded that Clarity brings something which makes it invaluable in this age of information overload where there are a millon things waiting to distract you.

Clarity gives you freedom – freedom from clutter, noise and non-sense. 

What did Rahul Bose say in 2007 which hit me so hard?

I have known to be a person with real bad memory however there are certain things which have made a mark in my memory such that they are hard to forget. One such is the interview of Rahul Bose I watched in 2007.

Rahul Bose for starter is an inspiring person, does things very unusually to keep you interested. However I never followed him too much before or after this interview of his. However everything he says in this interview was so original and inspiring that I could never forget it.

The final nail on the coffin was when he says something I never heard, read or seen from anyone, anywhere. One a question on how happy he is, he says "My time is up, I am happy to go today" and that hit me like a thunderbolt. How many of us can ever say such a thing? We always are running behind getting more of something or the other. Though we probably cant, this is something to aim for – A life where you are fully fulfilled, every single day so that you don't have any regrets if and when you die unexpectedly.

For those who are interested, here is the link to that interview with Rahul Bose – both video and text. Let me know what you think?

For those who are lazy enough to click on the link, here is the extract from it.

Anuradha SenGupta: Are you happy?

Rahul Bose: Unbelievably. Unbelievably. My father is so very ill, and, you know, he’s, he’s going, and someone said, you know, “how would that do to you”; I said, “you know, it does nothing.” I really loved this man and he loved me back, and he goes. If, you asked someone a question, “If you died today, just before you popped it, would you, what would your last thought be? Would there be any regret, would there be any kind of, ‘I wish, just give me a few hours more!’” My time is up; I would be very happy to go, today. I’ve overjoyed to go.

Caution While Sharing Happiness

Most of us can't wait to share our good news and generally it is welcomed. However, I believe there is limitation on who we share this information with.

We cannot share a good news with someone who is still unsuccessfully trying for the same and also from longer period than yours. Most likely that they will feel contrary to what they say!

Who makes you loose?

Today, I ran from office to home after a very long time. As I was running, I was trying to push myself against my mind and it struck to me that..

"In any endurance test, it is very likely that our mind looses much before our body"


PS: The graph is incorrect as it starts with ZERO endurance to start with. It should ideally start with full endurance @ start. I could not gather myself to correct it.

Ego & Comparision

Ego is something which is there in all of us. For ego, the basic need is not food, shelter or roof on top but it is the recognition (that it exists). The problem is that there is no limit to the amount of recognition it requires. Irrespective of how much recognition you are getting now, it always needs more than that to feel good about itself. Because in its world, it is the sun and it wants everyone to revolve around it (don’t it its true, then tell me how many likes you want for every post you make?).

When things don’t happen that way, it looks around scampering for whatever recognition it can get. When some other ego gets more recognition than it does, it first compares and evaluates why? If it is for bigger accomplishments or contribution then it tries to reason it out and tries to accepts it and think of emulating it (well, to get similar or more recognition). When it can’t emulate or accept it, it boils with pure jealousy.

The bottom line is where there is ego, there is comparison. Instead of asking ourselves not to compare, we need to recognise that it cannot be ‘deleted’ and learn to live with it.

Why stop even before we start?

We have lot of desires in life, some more important than others. Given that we just have one life, we should go after them no matter what. For me, it is to build something on my own, from scratch which will contribute to a lot of people in a big (or small way). My current circumstances don’t give me enough time to make a honest attempt towards it. Someday not to far into future, I intend to do this.

Each of us have our very valid reasons like our notion of our ability, our limitations and our circumstances to not to start doing something we badly want to do. These reasons look so real and convincing and with every passing day, these reasons will only become more stronger and it will be much harder to overcome. Even though we hear it from all corners and in different ways, we never get the the fact that sooner we start, better it is for us, mainly because when we do hit the road, things might actually be much easier than we thought it would be. And if it becomes humanly impossible, you will at least be satisfied that you have given your best shot.

However we wait and wait for some non existent future day to start and with continued inaction, we will wake up on one dreadful day to find that it is no longer possible to pursue it any more and we STOP even before we START..

I hope, I will never let it happen to myself. I hope you will too.

Stop Please!

Power of Choice – Success vs Failure

It is very important for all of us to figure out what is really important to us. Most of us fail miserably in this, I feel I do, at least. We tend to do follow the crowd and don’t ever considering taking risks in this direction, how small or big they may be. We as humans have the responsibility to find this bloody thing and go after it. And contrary to what the title says, you don't have much of a choice in this pursuit.

"You either should succeed or die trying"

Best of Luck.

 hold on, I know How to repair this..

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