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Belief Vs Evidence

In an ordinary life, belief follows evidence. In an extra-ordinary life, evidence follows belief.

We all have the power to choose the life we want but due to the way we have been brought up, most of us seek evidence before we believe in our own abilities. But if you want to achieve greatness, this method wont work.

Act Now!

your time is finite..so better act now!..

PS: If the above said does not make sense to you, then its just not for you!

Quote on Determination & Destiny

Determination dictates Destiny!

Is the darkness of my mind eating me?

When Running..Who should you listen to?

For risk free running, don't listen to your perssimistic mind,
Nor to your over optimistic heart..
Listen only to your leg for it knows the actual reality..

Who is your Biggest Enemy?

Often your biggest enemy is right inside you – your ego..
winning over it often wins the battle.

The Wait...

Quote on Happiness

Happiness, the outcome, is momentary..
Happiness, the source, is Eternal


Redefine the inevitable?

"See beyond the obvious to redefine the inevitable"

I will be ... Roger One Day

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