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Belief Vs Evidence

In an ordinary life, belief follows evidence. In an extra-ordinary life, evidence follows belief.

We all have the power to choose the life we want but due to the way we have been brought up, most of us seek evidence before we believe in our own abilities. But if you want to achieve greatness, this method wont work.

What is Love?

Love is the highest form of appreciation one can ever get..



Act Now!

your time is finite..so better act now!..

PS: If the above said does not make sense to you, then its just not for you!

Rules and Leaders

Leaders bend, break and ignore existing rules but those who follow will just follow.

Lets fight for a Cause!

Pleasure and Productivity

It is too much to expect pleasure and productivity from the same activity!


Quote on Determination & Destiny

Determination dictates Destiny!

Is the darkness of my mind eating me?

That never ending cold!

For every nose affected by cold there is always an imaginary drop at its tip never to go away even after countless wipes!


Quote on Mind

Once introduced, the mind can easily convert the ultimate luxury into basic requirement. And unfortunately its not easy turning back!


Motivational Speeches are like Fireworks

Motivational speeches are like fireworks, they are enthralling and fascinating but sadly short lived..

London Eye...

Eat to not to waste

Eating just because you don't want to waste is like converting a mistake into blunder..

Rava Idly, Chatni and Pepper

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