Who is Harish Marnad?

Yes, as expected Harish Marnad is another ordinary being from a place called Kolar Gold Fields, Karnataka, India. I am currently working in the IT industry as XYZ (some role). I am currently in London, UK. I am married with one wife and one kid. I like to exercise both my mind and body; hence I like mediation and playing tennis. There is lot more I can go on and on about myself but any more on me here would mean that I am abusing this space. If you want to get in touch with me for any reason you can drop me a line to my email – hm at hmdiary.com (remove spaces and replace at with @)


Why this Site?

Since I started work in IT I realised that I have this unusual urge to put my thoughts on paper. As I couldn't channelize this energy appropriately, it resulted in long unwanted emails everyone loved to hate. Few of my irritated but sensitive colleagues encouraged me to start blogging instead of using emails as an outlet for my urge. Since then I have tried enough times to making blogging a habit but every time I have been consistently inconsistent. This is my last ditch effort again in this direction.

Lets see how far I get…


What to Expect from this site?

Well, you can expect all the crap that goes in mind which I feel like dumping here. However to help you read them in an organized manner I have used the category feature and have grouped them as below.

Experiences: All of us learn in life through experiences. Some learnings are more vital than others and hence it worth sharing with others. In this new age it is prudent to share all reusable knowledge with everyone and the best medium is internet. This is one the main reason for this blog.

Opinions: There are lot of things happening around us and only few of them interest us. I pick those which I think as important and share my point of view on them.

Quotes: Even though I am not a celebrity I like to come up with one liners or small quotes which pack some punch. So I just jot them down here as I think of one.

Running: With a marathon and a half marathon under my belt I know that I have a thing for running. Currently I run to work and stand as the fastest among colleagues of runners club in UK (quite a feat, eh?). So I am having a separate section for that.

Milestones: This one is for all those little milestones of my life which matter most. I try to put every little detail about what happened as I achieved these little milestones.


Where to start?

This is not the most complicated question to answer. Just click on one of those links on left of the screen and it should kick start your journey on this site. If you fancy something specific then click on a category listed at the start of this page.

What can you do?

Well, the usual…Read, enjoy, comment, feed your views back. Just to make things complicated I have come up with this amateurish flow chart (will remove this once I get 10+ hate mails on this).